Exotic Chocolates


Chamak means to  sparkle and glow in Urdu/Hindi, the predominant language of South Asian countries.  Our chocolates are inspired by the beautiful, rich sparkle of the vibrant South Asian culture along with Asian & Mediteranean and ecclectic world flavors. The South Asian subcontinent has been the spice capitol of the world for centuries and we felt it was about time to introduce the cuisine, culture, history, traditions, style and of course the sparkle of Bollywood to more people.   Our Indian/Pakistani flavors contain a spice, fruit, nut or sweet base inspired by South Asian cuisine which is beneficial for health and wellness according to Ayurvedic medicine. We use classical french chocolatiering techniques to create some of our traditional flavors such as nougat, praline and marzipaan but add extra sparkle and edge to these western flavors.  Our chocolatier, Sarah is also a licensed psychotherapist and has been an artist for over 17 years, influencing her to take chocolatiering to a deeper level with a theme, concept and purpose behind each flavor. Chamak uses fine gourmet chocolate and feature fair trade, single origin chocolates from Venezuala  along with creamy French and Belgian chocolates and each piece is made in small batches by hand. The cacao percentage of our chocolate pieces range from 30%  to  73%.  Chamak is proud to feature many vegan flavors and flavorful sugar free varieties. 




** Chamak Chocolates are organic and contain no preservatives, our Indian milk sweet fillings  must be refrigerated and eaten within 2 weeks, please keep away from strong scents, best eaten at room temperature