Holiday, Special Occasions

                              & Corporate Gifts


We are in love with DIY arts & crafts. Let us create vintage, handcrafted gifts for your special ocassion gift for a birthday, a holiday or for your school, organization or corporation.


- Creative & Memorable Chocolates for special events, weddings, announcements, holidays & corporate gifts:

  • Happy Birthday

  • We are proud to offer specially decorated packaging for many religious holidays: Ramadan Mubarak, Eid Mubarak, Happy Diwali, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannukah & Merry Chrismas specialty sleeves and specialty printed materials are available to make holiday gifts memorable

  • Thank You

  • Baby Designs & Its a boy, Its a girl

  • Customize a special message, logo or design

  • Wedding Proposal - adorableness! a box of handmade artisan chocolates in personalized flavors, spelling out the big question OR your ring inside a chocoalte piece (just don't leave your proposal chocolates in the car because that would be a FAIL)

  • Break-ups - we know breaking up can be difficult and bittersweet, perhaps we can help bring the sweetness? Bring closure to a relationship with style? Is breaking up exceedingly difficult because your person is in denial? Let us assist. No but Seriously. Sarah, the creator of the chocolate's is a certified psychotherapist too, heck we can arrange a mini therapy session to lift the break up blues. Celebrating the single life at a divorce party? The sky is the limit to our sense of humor, ability to cheer people up, creativity and ideas. Just ask! Chocolate makes everything better.

  •  "You're being Served" legal announcement? You will be the coolest law firm around! Grin.

  • We could go on here but you get the message (pun intended...sigh, having too much fun writing this)

message bar can include two or three skinny bars in a flavor of your choice and would be wrapped in

specialty art paper, ribbon and with custom stamped tags with the message of your choice

$5 for 2 bar package, $7 for 3 bar package