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"Sparkling Stars"- Celebrities who've been Chamakified

Wilmer Valderrama

Hollywood actor best known for his hillarious character Fez on that 70's show and hosting Yo Mama on MTV was a guest speaker at the South Asian Chamber of Commerce Gala in Houston Feb 13th 2014 where we were requested to make chocolate favor boxes for the high profile VIP guests including some influential political, business and civic leaders such as Houston Mayor Annise Park & celebrities including Wilmer, Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars & Neha Dhupia, Bollywood actress/model. I was quite pleased to hear how much the high profile guests enjoyed our chocolates and noticed empty chocolate boxes, like this one at the name card of Karina Smirnoff! Aside from being a great actor, who seriously cracked me up for years as Fez, he also is a musician who released some cool tracks solo and with other artists. He even started his own fashion line. He has been recognized for his social activism and he shared hs personal story and involvement in social causes with the gala in his speech. He hung out afterwards and was very friendly, nice and err even cuter in person (hubba hubba). I really enjoyed talking to him about his acting career & Chamak Chocolates.

Lisa Ray

award winning actress-model-philanthropist, judge on Top Chef on Food Network Canada.

-Nov 17th 2013 at Splendid Indian Closet Fashion Show at The Marque Houston. Bibi Magazine organized an amazing fashion show with collections by the top designer of India Satya Paul featuring Lisa Ray and designer Joy Mitra. I was booked to do hair on 20 models (representing The Transformation Studio) for the show & we featured Chamak Chocolates at the event. I had just found out about the event just a day before and made chocolates till 4am. Sleep evaded me due to the sheer excitement at the notion of just being able to say hi to Lisa Ray in person. She is somebody whom I have admired for years. Lo and behond, Lisa Ray herself came over to the Chamak display as my parents were setting up, and started sampling chocolates and whipped out her phone to take pictures of them. She chitchatted with my parents who were unaware that it was her because she was so down to earth and non diva-like and had not a stich of makeup. When they figured out just who was ooing and aahing at the chocolates being set up my mom excitedly ran to the dressing area to let me know that Lisa Ray herself was hanging out at our Chamak table. OMG: she loved my chocolates. I told her how giddy I was and that I participated in the event just so I might have a chance to meet her and ofcourse for the fashion too. I wrote her a cheesy fan letter and gifted her a box of Chamak chocolates and chocolates. She told me she looked forward to trying Sharmili (shy, warm peach) lipstick & Shararah (spark, bronze) Dhoom powder when she got home. At the end of the runway, he even called me on stage and told all the guests they had to try the Pyramid of Paan. She came back to the table to try more chocolates and then was mobbed by guests who wanted to meet her. To my complete delight, I saw that she posted her picture of Pyramid of Paan on her Instagram account Lisaraniray.  Lisa Ray is an incredible, gorgeous, down to earth, talented and an inspiration to all. I love her even more!



Lisa Ray, Chamak Chocolates, Satya Paul, Splendid Closet
Lisa Ray, Chamak Chocolates, Satya Paul, Splendid Closet
Lisa Ray, Chamak Chocolates, Satya Paul, Splendid Closet
Lisa Ray, Chamak Chocolates, Satya Paul, Splendid Closet
Lisa Ray, Chamak Chocolates, Satya Paul, Splendid Closet

Dina Ousley of Dinair

World reknowned makeup artist legend, creator of Dinair Cosmetics, the lady who created the whole craze of airbrush makeup and trains internationally. You can imagine my hyperness to have this  icon at The Transformation Studio in the Chamak room trying my chocolates & custom blending a Chamak lipgloss for her. An unforgettable moment for sure!


Dinair, Dina Ousley, Dinair Houston, Pyramid of Paan
Dinair, Dina Ousley, Dinair Houston, custom blend lipgloss, custom blend cosmetics,Chamak Makeup, Customblending, custom blend makeup bar
Dinair, Dina Ousley, Transformations Makeup Academy, Dinair Houston, Chamak Makeup,