Chocolate Boxes & Stationary


Chamak is planning on unveiling gorgeous one of a kind packaging this summer 2020!  Meanwhile we have our simple and branded boxes that are included in your purchase 

2 piece kraft ballotin 

small  square cobalt blue top with logo - 4 piece box , double layered 8 piece box with patterned deep base

medium  rectangular box - top options include pink, purple, and orange and clear and base options include double layer base in turquoise and metallic cream

medium   square silver top with logo - 9 piece or 12 pieces

large square hot pink top - 25 piece


Luxury boxes for special occasions and gifts

4 piece handcrafted ethnic piece boxes in 3 patterns w/ coordinating tassels (coming soon) $2

9-12 piece handcrafted stationary box with message of your choice (stationary varies) $2

9-10 piece luxury gold folding box 9-10 piece box with golden ribbon, $4


Stretch loops & Ribbons

For gifts, our signature boxes  include a standard silver stretch loop, or to dress up your chocolate gift we have ribbons, and yarn

Upgrade with our glittery ribbon, $1.00



Chamak Medium chocolate box

available in 9 & 12 piece box

Chamak's  Small  blue  chocolate box

available in 4  piece single layer with plain white base or                8 piece double layer box with pattern base


Simple colored boxes adorned with Chamak labeling 

available in 6 & double stacked for a 12 piece box

Lid color options: orange, pink, purple, clear

Base color options: single base - plain white, double color base: turquoise, metallic cream


clear top allow the chocolate designs to be shown 

orange                          pink                                   purple


Block Print Tags .50 cents each

included with chocolate boxes over $12


Handcrafted Exotic Stationary:

- there is nothing more beautiful then handcrafted paper, especially when giving a gift. We are happy to offer custom made beautiful, exotic stationary.



Block Print Boxes

handcrafted ethnic block print paper boxes in 3 patterns w/ coordinating tassles imprinted with gold Chamak logo inside,  $1.50 a box

Block print Paper Pillowboxes:

assorted patterns, large $2.50, Small $1.50

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Handcrafted Tassled Envelope with coordinating note, in assorted colors, $3.00

handcrafted note tag, Indian gift tag, Indian wedding favor, Pakistani wedding favor, Indian wedding gift, Pakistani wedding gift, handcrafted gift tag, handmade stationary, handcrafted gift tag

Scalloped Gift Tag, in assorted colors, $0.50 included with purchases over $10