Signature Chocolate Flavors

- handcrafted, fresh, in small batches with no preservatives

- featuring mostly vegan bases

- showcasing ingredients that have health benefits

- flavors inspired by the famous cuisine of South Asia, the Mediterranean and other exotic cultures

- if you are wondering "ummmm can I just a basic milk chocolate peanut butter cup? I'm a simple cheese burger type of guy, I don't want guava in chocolate, and what is a curry leaf?" Not to worry! We do classics and custom flavors. Just call or email, a minimum of $50 and at least 6 pieces of a flavor (if it's not already made as part of our regular showcase)

- special seasonal flavors are available throughout the year

- at our shop we carry 8-12 flavors from our menu, call ahead to see what we have

- we ship nationally, it requires 1 or 2 day shipping due to the nature of the chocolate

Allah Ko Pyaari Hai Qubaani VEGAN

- "God loves apricot"  a pun on a uber famous vintage Bollywood song

2 versions:

- Dark/Vegan 60% dark chocolate filled with handcrafted vegan salted caramel and dried apricot

- Milk 38% milk chocolate filled with handcrafted salted caramel


Listen to the song: if you don't start clapping your hands and getting crazy with these beat I just can't...


Anar Kali VEGAN

- according to legend and folklore, in the Mughal period, Anar Kali was a maiden who had a forbidden love affair with Salim, son of King Akbar and was buried alive

- Anar Kali also means pomegranite blossom

- 60% dark chocolate flavored with pomegranate and a pomegranite puree filling

-Pomegranate, high in anti oxidants, great for skin, is used in South Asian savory dishes and sweets



Badaam Badshah VEGAN

"Almond King"

-60% dark chocolate filled with made from scratch marzipaan in crown shape painted gold

- Almond is one of the most popular ingredients in South Asian cuisine including savory dishes, sweets, in drinks & also a very moisturizing ingredient in traditional & Ayurvedic skin care regimens



- basant - "spring, and/or spring festival"

very often, in the Basant spring festival in South Asia, the vibrant yellow and yellow colors are seen everywhere from flowers, clothes to the colors of the kites that are flown in contests. This chocolate is inspired by this vibrant tradition with a pineapple clove flavored white chocolate filled with spiced candied orange pieces

- $1.50

- Like to learn about a different culture?: a documentary video about Basant Kite Festivals


Coming soon!


-bougie is slang for bougeoisie

- 40% milk chocolate covered cashew gianduja






"Chai & Biscuit"

- 40% milk chocolate filled with chai ganache topped with Nan Khatai (Indian biscotti type of dry cookie)

- In South Asia, it is very common to have Chai & Biscuit (Nan Khatai) and is often pronounced "bis-coooot" by the older generation


Chai Aur Biscoot Chotoo

Chotoo: "little one"


-special order, must order minimum of 8 minis


"Sparkle " 

- our custom Chamak shaped chocolate flavor is coming soon!




Chamak Challo

"Sparkly, glitzy & bodacious person," a wildly popular 2011 Bollywood song

- white chocolate filled with fresh guava jam

- in honor of my grandmother, Farrukh Mehmood Ali, 1926-2012. The first time I had guava jam was when visiting her in India. She was famous for her jellies. Her sari & bangles in background were passed along to my mother.

$2.00 ** since made fresh, is a seasonal flavor

Get your dance on with the Chammak Challo video

Chane Ke Kheth Mein

"In the chickpea fields"- title of an iconic 90s Bollywood song

- 60% dark chocolate filled with puran, an Indian sweet made with chickpea, ricotta cheese, sugar and spices

$2.00 ** special order,  we recommend eating it right away & refrigerating

Listen to this iconic jam with the Chane Ke Kheth Mein video

Date Night VEGAN

61% single origin bean dark chocolate hand dipped truffle with medjool date & walnut center, adorned with a walnut


​​Lunch Date

30% belgian milk chocolate truffle with medjool date & walnut center, adorned with a walnut


Ek Aam Kahani VEGAN BASE

"A typical story", Aam also means mango

- 40% dark milk chocolate chocolate piece filled with tangy spiced mango with a touch of saffron

- custom mango mold & handpainted 


Fair & Lovely

- White chocolate filled with Habshee Halwa (brown colored indian sweet)

- Fair & Lovely is the top selling bleaching cream in South Asia. Unfortunately, women  like to be fair because it is considered more beautiful.   

$2.00 ** please refrigerate/eat soon since its a milk based product

** image coming soon

Check out this this ridiculous Fair & Lovely bleaching cream 2014 ad

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haathi mera saathi.PNG

Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri

" Your rose like eyes" - lyric & song title from a classic bollywood song

​38% milk chocolate rose is filled with a delightful chocolate base infused with rose essential oil, petals and poppy seeds. The rose is one of the most beloved flowers in south asia & the middle east. it is used in sweets, drinks, desserts, skincare & of course in fragrance


Jam out to the Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri video

Haathi Mere Saathi

"Elephant, my partner" - the title of a childhood fave Bollywood film about a boy and his elephant

​ 30% milk chocolate spiced with peanuts and



Enjoy a song from the movie Haathi Mere Saathi

Hello Kitty

White chocolate filled with wild rosemary infused strawberry preserve  ​




White chocolate and dark chocolate filled with fondant flavored with fresh crushed mint and himalayan sea salt ​






60% dark chocolate filled with fondant flavored with orange blossom and pistachio, its quite heavenly!

picture coming soon



Khoya Khoya Chand-

"Lost Lost Moon"- lyrics and song title of a famous bollywood song & Khoya is also the name of the indian mithai (sweet)

- 61% single origin dark chocolate filled with Khoya, a popular milk based indian sweet which is flavored with cardamom,

$2.50** special order, please refrigerate/eat soon since its a milk based product

Enjoy the Khoya Khoya music video

Munni Badaam Hui VEGAN

"Sweety became an almond", a spoof of a popular bollywood song

-60% Belgian dark chocolate filled with almond gianduja

pic uploading soon with new design*


Enjoy Munni Badnaam Hui music video


Nariyal Paani VEGAN

- "coconut water"

- milk chocolate with coconut cream filling

- can be made to look like a whole dark brown coconut or a shaved green coconut with a straw


Check out a fun 80's song: Nariyal Paniwala




Nimbooda Nimbooda Nimbooda

"Little lemon, little lemon little lemon", an incredibly popular 1999 bollywood song

- white chocolate infused with lemon &zest from our homegrown lemons, turmeric & fresh cilantro

$1.50 ** please keep refrigerated and eat within a week because of fresh cilantro

Check out the Nimbooda Nimbooda song


O Mere Til Ke Chain

"Oh my sesame's peace, a spoof of a famous classic Bollywood song, "Oh Mere Dil Ke Chain", Til is the urdu word for Sesame

- 30% Belgian milk chocolate infused with cardamom with sesame seed at the base.


Check out the O Mere Dil Ke Chain song


Patha Patha Booti Booti VEGAN TRUFFLE BASE

- "Leaf leaf, bud bud"- classic Bollywood song

- fresh basil and curry leaf milk chocolate ganache in white chocolate


Vintage music time: Patha Patha video

Peanut Butter Cup

- 38% milk chocolate filled with in house freshly ground peanut butter



Pyramid of Paan

38% milk chocolate infused with fennel seed, a touch of clove with a surprise crunch.

- Paan is the quintessential after dinner mint type of snack with several refreshing spices, herbs, nuts and seeds wrapped in a paan leaf that is triangular shaped. Our chocolate sits atop a traditional pure silver hand carved 'paan daan': a treasure chest style case which holds the various ingredients used to make paan at home  


Pyramid of Paaninee

- small size of Pyramid of Paan


special order, minimum of 8 are required​


- ginger milk chocolate with candied ginger piece in center, handpainted in sunworn pink, sage green, soft pearl and gold


Sholay- VEGAN

-"flame", Sholay is also a famous, classic Bolywood film

- 60 % Venezuelan, single origin dark chocolate with organic cinnamon, red & black pepper

​- Red Pepper & Cinnamon are considered to be beneficial to a healthy diet



Sukoon ** healing collection, VEGAN**

- "calm/peace"

​- 60% extra dark single origin chocolate chocolate with soft, creamy organic vegan lavender ganache and topped with dried lavender,


Texas Thithilee 

- "thithilee": butterfly 

White chocolate with nutmeg and freshly picked Texan pecans and hand painted in a water color style


Zen ** healing collection, VEGAN**

- Matcha green tea, wheatgrass & white chocolate truffle truffle

with "Peace" hand painted in Japanese

- matcha tea has high anti-oxidents and is benefecial for health



Ulu Ki Pati

-"Owl's Brittle" a pun on Urdu/Hindi slang for "foolish like an owl"

white chocolate infused with sesame and filled with chiki pati, a South Asian brittle made with jaggery and chia and sesame seeds




-"style" in French

60% dark chocolate with hazelnut gianduja (roasted hazelnut paste) topped with a gold

dusted hazelnut



Bombay Brittle

- The trifecta of tastyness inspired by the flavors of the legendary town of Bombay, India!

- 3 layers of dark, milk, and white bursting with exotic spices along with peanut butter pretzel crunch

bag of 6 oz, $7




Karachi Krunch

- Capturing the lively flavors of Karachi, Pakistan

- 3 layers of dark, milk, and white bursting with exotic spices along with peanut butter pretzel crunch

bag of 6 oz, $8




Pistachio Patakha

- Patakha: firecracker

- 38 percent spiced milk chocolate bar with pistachios and handmade toffee pieces

 3 oz, $7



We continuously develop & improve our flavors every few weeks. More coming soon !

                                                         All food photography done by Chamak Artistry